top teeth insurance ideas

top teeth insurance ideas

teeth insurance work   percent on preventative work and  nothing maybe on a cleaning for example  we provide them the same plan except that our plan is so much better because  it’s double the teeth insurance claim cap  #facebookand you set the fee schedule so when you want when #twitter an employee walks into your particular  operation they just pay the copay you don’t get a reimbursement from the pool because you’ve already been


teeth insurance

paid by everybody in the Dental Insurance pool and  what happens is you have immediate approval of any procedure that you want to #wikipedia do and basically the the patient just pays for it it’s the only question you  ask is how do I manage the workload it’s very simple we give you a tool on the left hand side we show you that for example you got forty one thousand six hundred and sixty seven dollars in the  month of January in the

middle you’ve done work and whether it’s an  discount or a fifty percent discount or percent discount the total of the money in discounts that you’ve provided is ten thousand dollars that month which  means if you take the discounts you subtract them from the money you’ve already been paid you have a surplus of thirty one thousand six hundred sixty-seven bucks what that means is if you had done the exact

same amount of work on your best  fee schedule in cash for that group of people we’ve teeth insurance paid you about thirty two thousand dollars more than that fee schedule would have been if you just collected cash from these guys I’m gonna repeat it again left-hand column the money we’ve paid you already from  everybody that’s chosen you middle column money you have lost from your best fee schedule based on work you’ve done right hand column surplus the amount of money over on top of your best fee schedule that you have collected based on the

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